EquiSync: Balance CD
EquiSync: Balance
The EquiSync Solution: Balance
Price: $34.95

Features and Benefits

This CD is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you achieve perfect mental and emotional balance, allowing you to unlock your inherent resources and infinite potential. By listening to the EquiSync CD through headphones it is possible to:
  • Access deep, super-pleasurable meditative states without years of practice
  • Permanently reduce stress, worry, anxiety, depression, irritability, and moodiness
  • Amplify feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness, and confidence
  • Enhance and improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, and boost energy
  • Strengthen immune system, health, and well-being
  • Attain the mindset to reach self actualization and enlightenment
  • Live more and more in the "now"
  • Eliminate all uncontrollable habits, fears, and phobias
  • Significantly decrease "mental chatter" and self-destructive impulses
  • Explore and expand your self-awareness and state of consciousness
  • Increase emotional stability, psychological balance, and mental harmony
  • Enhance your motivation, personal growth, intuition, creativity, and goal reaching ability
  • Attract and manifest all of your desires
  • Have more mental processing power and instant "whole brain synchronization"
  • Increase learning ability, memory, and concentration
  • Maintain clarity of thought at all times
Using our extensively researched harmonically layered binaural audio technology, we have created the perfect equilibrium of brainwave entrainment frequencies played beneath the rhythm of calming rainfall to help your mind instantly and easily reach degrees of dramatically superior functioning.

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